The Famous "Doctor-Invisible" of Armenian Team Worked With Gelfand During the World Championship Match

Время публикации: 10.11.2012 23:58 | Последнее обновление: 11.11.2012 00:02

Armen Aguzumtsyan, doctor of the Armenian team which won World Team Championship 2011 and the recent Olympiad, worked with Boris Gelfand during his World Championship match against Vishy Anand. This was told by Aguzumtsyan in the interview given to "No one knew a specialist was working with Armenians during the team championship, this became clear during the Olympiad. Apart from that, Russians knew me, because I was Gelfand's personal doctor during his match against Vishy anand."

"After finishing school I went to Beijing and studied at the Medicine University for 10 years, - Armen told. - I studied acupuncture, manual therapy and herbal medicine. Psychology is my second degree. When I got back to Armenia I started working in chess academy. I got to know Levon Aronian two years ago. He suggested that the tradition had to be restored - the team should have a doctor and psychologist. When the World Championship was held in China I went with the team for the first time. I already knew the team well when we to the Olympiad.

We pay great attention to the physical preparation of the players during the meetings. Good physical shape is needed because otherwise their brain won't be able to stand several hours of hard work. The players are swimming and running. We also practice a special massage and manual therapy. There are special methods helping to increase concentration and help the organism to stay awake. It's also very important to relax after the game. 

Everything is very individual. For instance Levon is using almost all methods. He already sees that when we train he doesn;t get tired easily and rests more. He likes to run after the game. There also are special herbs helping to calm the nervous system."  


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