Alexei Shirov Against Privileges For the World Champion

Время публикации: 12.11.2012 22:20 | Последнее обновление: 12.11.2012 22:38

Alexei Shirov talked about the current system of the World Championship matches in the interview given to the newspaper Sport Weekend.

"I don't understand why we still follow the old tradition when the World Champion plays the match for the title without any pre-selection. The world is changing, so I don't understand why this kind of advantage is given to the World Champion in this conditions of a tough competition. I consider this to be an anachronism," - GM said and draw analogy with football: "I think Spanish team wouldn't be against of playing even several matches against the opponent who would win the qualification matches."

According to Alexei, those who are able to change the Regulations are aware of his opinion, however, that changes nothing.

Noteworthy is that Shirov marks out Magnus Carlsen's last achievements to be more valuable than Garry Kasparov's record rating:

"Today the players have a larger ground of theoretical knowledge than those Garry had at the time he established his record, but it's still hard to beat it. I have my own views on this subject, but they aren't easy to justify. I will only say that Kasparov put pressure on his opponents. I don't think Kasparov's level of preparation was fundamentally different from his rivals' ones, he just had a huge psychological advantage! Nowadays chess has strengthened its competitive potential, so I consider Magnus's achievements to be much more valuable than Garry's ones."


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