Baku and Hoogeveen Will Compete for the Strongest City Title

Время публикации: 28.12.2012 02:07 | Последнее обновление: 28.12.2012 02:13

A "mysterious" team championship is under way in Al Ain  

Al Ain located in UAE may be hosting the most mysterious championship in chess history. The tournament named World Cities Team Championship has appeared in FIDE calendar a month before its start and as the dates of the competition coincided with the dates of other tournaments (they've been announced much earlier) a lot of famous GMs didn't arrive to Al Ain. 

Judging by the playing hall (that is obvious if you look at the photos), the organizers of the championship had no financing problems; so, it's even more surprising that the official website of the championship works just below the level: results are updated late the next day, the knockout phase was added recently, while the teams are alrady preparing for fighting in the final.

Let us remind you, the championship started on December 21st: 32 teams were divided in eight groups - 4 teams in each, the top two teams in each group qualified for the knockout phase.   

The Ukrainian team, with Alexander Moiseenko on the first board, eliminated after 1/8 final being defeated by the Chinese team headed by Wang Yue. Russians dropped out the competition after 1/4 final after losing against Hoogeveen. Russia was represented by Saratov city.

Noteworthy is performance of Azerbaijani team. Baku is represented by Eltaj Safarli, Gadir Guseinov, Rauf Mamedov, Nidjat Mamedov and Vasif Durarbeyli. Azerbaijani players beat French team in 1/8 final: Fressinet took an upper hand on Guseinov, however, Rauf Mamedov and Durarbeyli took points against Edouard and Hamdouchi respectively.

Thus, Baku and Hoogeveen will compete in the final on December 28, 14:00 MSK time. Dutch team: Anish Giri, Ivan Sokolov, Sergei Tiviakov, Jan Smeets. You can follow the games live, but remember that in order to know if any of the games has finished you should click next to the game each time you decide to check the result.   

"The audience gets quiet." The playing hall is "full" of spectators. photo -


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  • This is the playing hall of the World Cities Chess Team Championship  

  • The website reports that the Azerbaijani team won't play at the World Cities Team Championship with its strongest composition. The tournament will take place in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Teimour Radjabov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won't be able to play for the team because of the intellectual games they will be participating in: the games will take place in Beijing and finish on December 20, while the championship is scheduled to start on December 21.

  • The announcement about the final team composition from Azerbaijan for the forthcoming Olympiad in Istanbul is postponed again. The site reports that the team's captain Vladimir Tukmakov will decide on the five players nearer the time of the team's training camp, which will start on 18 August.

  • Baku lost in an approximately equal final    

  • The head coach of the Azerbaijan National Team Vladimir Tukmakov is now in Nakhchivan observing the games of the candidates for the national team, who are participating in the Open tournament. 

  • The website reports the Azerbaijani team, except Teimour Radjabov who will be playing in the Candidates that time, will have a 10-day training session (March 20th-30th) in Baku. The following players will take part in the training: Rauf Mamedov, Eltaj Safarli, Gadir Guseinov, Vasif Durarbeyli and maybe Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Alexander Khalifman the former FIDE world champion will be their coach for that period.

  • The FIDE Women's World Team Championship is scheduled to be held from March 2-13 in Astana, Kazakhstan. At the moment the tournament has not got an official website; the participants haven't been officially announced, however, as Chess-News has found out the FIDE President nominee team has been determined, that is Turkish national women's team.

  • The information we've reported earlier has been officially confirmed: Kirsan Ilyumzhinov chose Turkey to participate at the Women's Team Championship. The participants' list is published on FIDE website (pdf) in the agenda of the Presidential Board which will take place from January 18th to 21st in Tsakhadzor, Armenia.

  • The Georgian and Azerbaijani teams are playing a friendly match

  • GM Levon Aronian gave an interview to the Azerbaijani newspaper Echo summarizing his performance in the Canidates tournament:

    "The main in the tournament was to take the first place, I failed to do that. There were a lot of crucial moments in the competition. The game I lost against Peter Svidler [in Round 11 - CN] had a certain importance for me. I played terribly that game and exactly after it I felt demoralized and extremely unhappy with my play.