Nastassia Ziazulkina and Sergei Zhigalko Are Named the Best Chess Players of Belarus in 2012

Время публикации: 29.12.2012 20:46 | Последнее обновление: 29.12.2012 20:46

The website has named the best man and woman player of Belarus in 2012. Sergei Zhigalko and Nastassia Ziazulkina were hors concours much like in the previous year. Ziazulkina received the title for the third year in a row. Zhigalko has also faced little competition.

Unlike the best players, the best coach of the country was determined in a real competition: the readers of the website voted for Semen Meribanov and Valery Mandrovsky, however, in the end Meribanov surpassed his colleague by three votes to win the title. 

Belarusian chess elite-2012


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