Scandalous Peace in Gibraltar

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The arbiters decided not to upset Ivanchuk and Le Quang Liem confining with warning only   

In the 7th round game of Gibraltar Masters Vassily Ivanchuk and Le Quang Liem shook hands for a draw at move 14. The players agreed on the result and signed the sheets without any arbiter. The rules of the comeptition suggest the participants to complete 30 moves in order to be able to offer a draw. According to Chessdom "This is not the first case of under 30 moves game in Gibraltar. It has happened earlier at lower boards and the players were given the option to start over the game or they were forfeited."

The similar choice was offered to Ukrainian and Vietnamese players, who at that moment have already left to their rooms. The website cites the organizer of the ompetition Stuart Conquest, "We had a long talk with them and they stated that even though the rule is mentioned in the regulations, it was never announced before the rounds. And they are right about that, so tomorrow we will make the reminder to all players at the start of the round.”   

As a result the score wasn't changed. "It is like a first warning and we do not want to upset the players," Conquest said.  

It's not ruled out Vassily Ivanchuk "paid off" the situation by agreeing on holding the Masterclass. It took place yesterday. Ukrainian GM showed two of his games played in late 80's and answered the questions of Conquest and local journalists. 

In yesterday's round the comeptition got a sole leader: Nikita Vitiugov defeated Kiril Georgiev on Board 1 and at the moment he heads the table with 6.5/7.
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