Kosintseva Sisters Presented RCF with an Ultimatum: "Either Rublevsky or We"

Время публикации: 30.01.2013 20:42 | Последнее обновление: 30.01.2013 20:48

The Head coach of the Russian national teams Evgeny Bareev gave an interview to the Russian Chess Federation website according to which Kosintseva sisters won't play for the national team at least at the nearest team championship which will take place in Astana.

Tatiana and Nadezhda presented RCF with an ultimatum: either the captain of the team Sergey Rublevsky will be replaced or they won't play for the team.   

"In December the Head coach of the team Sergey Rublevsky sent invitations to the members of the team which has won the Olympiad in Istanbul, - Bareev said. - Kosintseva sisters sent the reply letter in January in which they refused to play for the team under leadership of Sergey Rublevsky; they motivated their decision by the "psychological incompatibility" with the head coach. Ilya Levitov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation, tried to find out the reason of sisters' decision because the term "psychological incompatibility" is not always clear. We planned to hold the Trainers' Council and discuss the situation on January 28th. After all, the Olympiad was won, the coaches made some wilful decisions which turned out to be successful. This is the main task for the coach - to win the competition!

Nadezhda and Tatiana refused coming to Moscow. Their father for instance refused to talk to me. The Chairman of the Management Board talked to his adult girls.

I should stress that the sisters' decision is quite categorical - there's nothing to discuss, they already made the decision: they don't see themselves as the members of the team while Rublevsky is the chief coach. Unfortunately we don't know where the conflict lies. According to Rublevsky, he had a serious talk with the team after the match against Ukraine. He tried to shake up the team emotionally. By the way he managed to do that. Sergei thinks that could be the reason for their offense. He can't suggest anything else.    

We can't force them to play. Pity we didn't see their wish to solve the problem and talk to experienced people. Especially when the Trainers' council consists of people with not only chess but life experience. This is not the first and last conflict between the players and the coach - it's a usual problem. When I played for the team we had the conflicts with the coaches more than once. Moreover, there was a time when the ENTIRE team refused to play under leadership of Sergey Dolmatov at the Olympiad in Turin. The federation didn't meet us halfway, nevertheless, everyone went to play for the country.

As a result the list of the possible members of the team has decreased dramatically. We should keep in mind that Girya and Bodnaruk have never played for the national team, while Goryachkina hasn't ever played at this level at all. The situation is complicated but there's nothing to do unless to adapt to it. The coach of the junior team Mikhail Kobalia will have a task of speeding up preparation of the reserve in order the girls, who are now 12-14 years old, to get needed skills and experience in three-four years and be able to play for the main national team.

For example, the men's team will have to play two team competitions in a row - the World and European Championships. Dokhoyan has enough people to choose from and he will surely vary the composition of the team. What the women's team would do in same kind of situation when it got such a blow? I doubt the girls would be able to play successfully at such responsible events, especially if they would be held in a row. That means we should work more with the candidates for the national team."    

The Chairman of the RCF Supervisory Board Arkady Dvorkovich made a brief commentary in Twitter: "We did everything in order they to be able to play; I don't understand their refusal to play for Russia..."

We will be trying to find out the details.


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