Ilya Levitov: "Sergei Rublevsky's Candidacy was Agreed with Kositseva Sisters"

Время публикации: 04.02.2013 20:30 | Последнее обновление: 04.02.2013 20:30

Ilya Levitov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation, left the following post on the forum of the website Chesspro in regard to Kosintseva sisters' refusal to play for the national team until Sergei Rublevsky is the captain.

"1. Sergei Rublevsky's candidacy was agreed with Kositseva sisters.
2.  I called their father because I've always been talking to him. Initially, he approached me as their spokesman, while sisters never used to even greet me.
3.  I roughly imagine what has happened in Istanbul. I collected the opinions of EVERYONE who was there. What are we actually talking about after Nadezhda's statement that Yura Dokhoyan was even harsher?

4.  I consider their decision to be silly, but maybe they just want to change the federation. I don't know. They received from us and the Ministry hundred thousand dollars for the last two years. The prize money for the wins, grants, scholarships, etc. This information has a free access and we publish it. Who is paying that much?


I have asked them and they gave interviews, but still there's no information. We shouldn't be looking for some underlying message as it doesn't exist. I'm not interested in their plan. The federation however will react harshly on any attempt to blackmail us.

As regards to the medals: that is their job. Our job is to provide them with a worthy regard for their work. Stop making the sportsmen the defenders of Stalingrad."


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