The Grandmaster from the Top-10 Likes to Play Tricks on Colleagues. Karjakin Preferred Not to Name Him

Время публикации: 22.02.2013 17:22 | Последнее обновление: 22.02.2013 17:31

Here we offer you interesting extracts from Sergey Karjakin's recent interview to Sport-Express.

"There is a GM from the top -10 who loves to play tricks on colleagues. He calls them and introduces himself as one's own manager offering to organize the match. People fall into a stupor, while he laughs and hangs up. I won't name him. Don't even ask me to."  

Gelfand is a fan of Barcelona football club, we talk about soccer pretty often. Aronian is crazy about basketball and Boston Celtics. ... Svidler adores cricket. He can watch it for two days without a break. ... My last hobby is the intellectual game Quiz. It offers questions on ten different topics starting from sports to maths, culture, geography, etc. It remotely resembles the show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" You play online against real opponents. Earlier I used to play the World of Warcraft.    

[...]- Is Anand really crazy about the astronomy?

- Yes, he always brings a telescope to the competitions and observes the stars.

[...]- Chess is full of exotic people. Whom has Kasparov named to be a "coarse champion?"

- Vladislav Tkachiev - an open-hearted fellow. 

[...] Ivanchuk gets crazy if someone is trying to make a first move for him. This is what happened at one of the Olympiads, at that time I was playing for Ukraine. Ivanchuk was facing Aronian and someone from the organizers had to make the symbolic first move, but gloomy Vassily made it clear "Don't even dare to do that!" They decided the organizer would make the first move for Aronian who was Black. Aronian was asked what he was going to play, Armenian responded "It depends on Ivanchuk's first move." They managed to hush up the scandal somehow. The situation has repeated at the Olympiad in Istanbul. Vassily came to the game against Kramnik in a suit and baseball cap. They persuaded him for half an hour in front of the cameras. Oddly enough he eventually yielded to persuasion.       

- Do you also have this kind of "cranks"?

- The sound of a felt pen on the paper annoys me tremendously. I have no problem with signing with an ordinary pen or pencil, but if someone gives the felt pen for the autograph I may cringe in irritation. It's inappropriate to refuse, so I will sign anyway, but for me that's a torture."  


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