Vladimir Kramnik: "If Anyone Decides to Organize the Match Against Kasparov I Will Agree Immediately"

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Live talk on Chess-News with Genna Sosonko, Vladimir Kramnik and Oleg Skvortsov was moderated by Evgeny Surov 24.02.2013

V.KRAMNIK: [...] The players here are really strong - as Boris, so Vishy. I mean it's very hard to outplay them when they're in their normal shape, especially when you get this kind of calm position. I wanted to get complications, but it turned out that we have already exhanged our queens up to 20th move. I wouldn't say I initiated that, but that's how it went. I guess I could "squeeze" some 1.5 points here if the opponents were weaker, but in addition to all that Vishy was very well prepared to everything today. The endgame we got was quite complex and of course both of us have analysed it, but the difference was that it seems that he revised it right before the game, while I have last checked it a year ago. So, I remembered rather hazily that White plays c5 at some point - but when and how exactly? And the position is really precise.

G.SOSONKO: And if not being accurate White just loses advantage.

V.KRAMNIK: Exactly, or vice versa, Black faces problems if playing inaccurately.

G.SOSONKO: Actually I can't remember if Vishy has ever played c5 in the position like this.

V.KRAMNIK: That's exactly what I'm talking about. That was the reason why I chose this position. First I wanted to play Reti with d3, but when he played d5, c5, Nf6, Nc6 which actually is considered inaccurate exactly because of d4, I decided to play as in the game remembering he never played c5 in Catalan. However, he played without hesitation. I even asked him after the game and he knew that usually you don't play c5 there. I mean he knew it. If I have revised that before the game maybe I would be able to do something... I'm sure I have that written down somewhere, but unfortunately I can't remember everything. This is contemporary chess. It's not about only doing a lot of preparation - everyone is spending lots of time on preparation - but it's also about remembering what you have analysed.

G.SOSONKO: I remembered Peter Leko's expression when the journalist far from chess world asked him what is his favourite habit before the game and if he has any kind of talisman. He responded, "My favourite thing to do before the game is to revise and remember the analyses." Great answer!

E.SUROV: And do you believe in omens Vladimir? I guess every chess player believes at least in some.

V.KRAMNIK: No, I don't. It doesn't matter for me what I'm dressed in. I also wash my head even if I play successfully. I outgrew all that somehow.  

О.SKVORTSOV: We're planning to make this tournament traditional, to attract Swiss and other sponsors including the ones from Russia. What do you say Vladimir?

V.KRAMNIK: That sounds great, just marvelous! I was happy to play here last year too. I mean the venue is also so nice - here in Zurich in Savoy, it's very pleasant to play here. I have played here for a lot of times already - first I came here was in 90's. This is a very nice tournament, so I would love to come and play here again. 

О.SKVORTSOV: We're planning to hold it in these dates...

G.SOSONKO: I guess the calendar is pretty rich, so do you think this is the best time for holding it Oleg? Roughly speaking at the end of February and beginning of March.

О.SKVORTSOV: We still don't know what is going to take place next year, right? Let others plan their tournaments. We are not going to adapt our competition to others' schedules. 

V.KRAMNIK: Well, the fact is that the calendar is always a bit unreliable.

О.SKVORTSOV: Ours will be reliable.

V.KRAMNIK: Sometimes you are just forced to reschedule the tournament because FIDE can suddenly announce some competition. In general I think this is more or less appropriate time for this tournament.

О.SKVORTSOV: It's also pleasant that there are a lot of spectators.

V.KRAMNIK: That's true.

* * *

Е.SUROV: Our readers are able to leave their questions in the chat and here's one of the questions, "How the match Kasparov - Kramnik would finish now?"

V.KRAMNIK: Well what should I be thinking about...  I would pleasantly play it again. Doesn't matter would it be rapid, blitz or classical chess. If anyone decides to organize such a match I can say I would agree immediately.  

G.SOSONKO: Thanks a lot! We can only hope...

E.SUROV: ... that you will have a good reason to come to us again.

V.KRAMNIK: Well, I'm hoping to play against Anand soon. And then yes, I can also play against Garry Kimovich.   


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