Garry Kasparov on the Candidates Tournament: "It'll Be Strange If Carlsen Won't Become the Next World Champion"

Время публикации: 27.02.2013 02:08 | Последнее обновление: 27.02.2013 20:58

Garry Kasparov responded to the question regarding Magnus Carlsen on the online-conference held on the Russian newspaper "Argumenty i Fakty" website.

"There's no doubt that Carlsen is the strongest chess player in the world today. It will be just strange if he won't become the next world champion. It's noteworthy that some sort of Fischer nightmare is happening at the upcoming Candidate's tournament which will start in London in three weeks: seven Soviet players against the foreigner. In early 60's there was a quite strict rule regulating the number of players coming from the same country. Now the flags will be different but seven participants were born in the Soviet Union. Only three of them are Russians though."

Kasparov also assessed the chances of other challengers:

"Well, relying on chess logic Levon Aronian is perhaps the most probable competitor for Magnus. He is hardworking, he has a strong team and a lot of attention is paid to chess in Armenia.

I wouldn't disregard Kramnik too. Although... recently his second child was born and you know that may divert his attention. It's very important that despite all of his numerous virtues he is still a family man with two children. That makes the person's subconsciousness to think about something different. Here Magnus has a huge advantage, for he shouldn't be thinking about anything except chess. Aronian actually can also concentrate on chess only.

Maybe Alexander Grischuk also has some chances, but again he has his own problems.

No one has such a steady play as Magnus for now. If Carlsen will be playing confidently in London it's unlikely that he will face a serious competition. On the other hand, Magnus will be confronted to the situation when he will have to win at any cost for the first time. It's not an ordinary competition ("if I haven't won this one I will win the next one"), but it's the tournament which will decide if he will play against Anand.

It's clear that Anand is not in his best shape now, he is not already the one whom he used to be once. So, most likely the person who will win in London will have a perfect chance to defeat Anand."


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