Garry Kasparov: "Kramnik Winning Over Anand Is Much More Probable Than Him Winning the Candidates"

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Live talk on Chess-News with Genna Sosonko and Garry Kasparov was moderated by Evgeny Surov - 27.02.2013

G.SOSONKO: So, here's the 13th world champion who is looking at the game with Catalan opening. Silvio Danailov compared the interview [of Sutovsky] to someone whose surname is Churov. Honestly, I don't understand whom he means.

E.SUROV: Garry Kimovich Genna Sosonko doesn't understand who is Mr. Churov. Do you know who is he?

G.KASPAROV: Did you lose connection with the public?

G.SOSONKO: I guess so, but as far as our website is about chess, let's forget Mr. Churov. Oh, I have remembered: Is that the guy with a fine-looking beard?

G.KASPAROV: Is the rook on e1? 


G.SOSONKO: Yes, the rook is on е1. Could you explain us that Garry - there was a position when Black went Nb6. I suggested Ne4, which seems to be quite natural.

G.KASPAROV: That's true.

G.SOSONKO: If that was blitz I would play Ne4, but Black chose Nb6. Perhaps the idea was to play Nc4?

G.KASPAROV: Perhaps.

G.SOSONKO: Usually I exchange the bishops like the one on d2 with pleasure. Or am I wrong?

G.KASPAROV: I guess you are not. Ne4 seemed logical with taking control over white squares.

G.SOSONKO: This is how it looked like for our uneducated eye. And on Nc4 White should defend the a3-pawn with the queen?

G.KASPAROV: d5 – ed… Then Nd4…


G.SOSONKO: We hope to see a decisive result today.

G.KASPAROV: In any case the chances for that increase.

G.SOSONKO: Tell us please, Anand spent almost an hour on the moves which were obvious. The ease he used to have...

G.KASPAROV: What are you talking about, he is 43. The years go by!

G.SOSONKO: Time flies fast…

G.KASPAROV: The years just move in one direction - along with the life line.

G.SOSONKO: «If Kramnik becomes the world champion will Kasparov agree to play a match against him?» The question from our chat.

G.KASPAROV: We have just talked about that: the life line moves in one direction only. This idea is late for twelve years.

G.SOSONKO: I will answer for Garry Kimovich: it depends on...

G.KASPAROV: It doesn't depend on anything.

G.SOSONKO: Nothing depends?

G.KASPAROV: Sure, first Kramnik should become the world champion which seems to be improbable.

G.SOSONKO: Could something like this happen: Vladimir Borisovich winning the Candidates and then the match against Anand?

G.KASPAROV: No, Kramnik winning over Anand is much more probable than him winning the Candidates.

G.SOSONKO: Unfortunately, we can't change the order.

G.KASPAROV: In general I think the probability that the winner of Candidates will defeat Anand is more than 50%.

Е.SUROV: Garry Kimovich one of the questions from our readers asks what kind of present do you consider to the best for your 50th birthday.

G.KASPAROV: I don't expect any kind of presents.

G.SOSONKO: There was also another question: "Do you expect Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] or Dmitry Anatolyevich {Medvedev] to congratulate you with your birthday?"

G.KASPAROV: Well, I rather expect to get a criminal case from them.

* * *

G.SOSONKO: Garry Kimovich how do you think, will the word champion hold this position [Round 4 game against Caruana - CN]?

G.KASPAROV: My answer is no. Anand could force the draw by repetition. His move Rxe5 impressed me, because the only thing White could have dreamt in this position was a draw, but seemingly he didn't want to play an additional game. ... The other game [Gelfand - Kramnik] seems to be more interesting. I guess Qa7 was a blunder. Gelfand could win the game by playing Re3... Well, if I was asked which game finishes decisively I would stake on Gelfand - Kramnik encounter.


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