Zurich Chess Challenge is Closed. The Organizers Hope to Meet in a Year (PHОТО)

Время публикации: 02.03.2013 03:54 | Последнее обновление: 02.03.2013 03:54

The closing ceremony was held soon after Fabiano Caruana ensured win in Zurich Chess Challenge

Boris Gelfand was absorbed in thoughts about his recent game

The coaches of the opponents sat side by side

The organizer Oleg Skvortsov was satisfied, his wife added some beauty to the event

Vladimir Kramnik lost his game much earlier than Gelfand, having time to recover for the closing ceremony

The Director of Zurich Chess Club Christian Issler:: "No one knows what awaits us in future, but we hope to meet again in the next year"

Here you can see slideshow of the photos from the event which took place in Zurich 60 years ago

The director of the tournament awarded the participants personally

The winner of the game "The smartest way to Zurich" Alexander Martynov was visiting the press center and listening to Genna Sosonko's commentary every day.


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