Sergey Karjakin's Manager Kirill Zangalis Became RCF PR Director and Plans to Return Chess in the News

Время публикации: 07.03.2013 13:31 | Последнее обновление: 07.03.2013 13:36

Kirill Zangalis has accepted the offer got from the Russian Chess Federation ruling body - from now on he will be not only GM Sergey Karjakin's manager but the PR manager of RCF.

"I'm flattered by the offer I got, - Mr. Zangalis noted in the commentary given to our website. - We started working with Sergey Karjakin in July last year. Since then GM got a powerful sponsor the company Alpari (the first individual sponsor in Russian chess history), he launched an official website and was in the news not only in Russia, but abroad too. I would like to emphasize that I continue being his manager and my new post at RCF hasn't influenced on our further plans with him anyhow.

The PR manager of RCF has a clear task - to return chess in the news will it be magazines, newspapers, radio or TV. Unfortunately, in the last ten years the attitude towards chess, the sport which was always very popular in USSR and Russia, has changed - it has simply been forgotten, although this game doesn't deserve that.

Chess is still played by millions of people in Russia. Right now Russian women's national team is among the leaders of the WWTC, RCF is holding a lot of competitions. The Supervisory Board of RCF and Arkady Dvorkovich, as well as sponsors and businessmen (Timchenko, Filatov, Petriov, Skvortsov) actively support and help chess. ... So, if we organise and show all the advantages correctly we may move chess on a fundamentally different level first of all in mass media; in my view, the game really needs that.

I will be trying to help everyone who will be doing good for chess and will behave decently."

Kirill Zangalis's first big success  - connecting GM Sergey Karjakin and the company Alpari


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