GM Levon Aronian, "I Can't Say I Deserved to Win the Candidates Tournament"

Время публикации: 06.04.2013 21:05 | Последнее обновление: 06.04.2013 21:05

GM Levon Aronian gave an interview to the Azerbaijani newspaper Echo summarizing his performance in the Canidates tournament:

"The main in the tournament was to take the first place, I failed to do that. There were a lot of crucial moments in the competition. The game I lost against Peter Svidler [in Round 11 - CN] had a certain importance for me. I played terribly that game and exactly after it I felt demoralized and extremely unhappy with my play.

Of course I was upset that I couldn't compete for the first place but I also can't say that I deserved the win with the play I showed. In general, the tournament was unsuccessful for me. Well, I played quite good in the first half of the tournament, but the competition has a second cycle too."

Aronian hopes to compete for the title in future:

"I don't consider myself so to say old. I will try to show my best play and at the same time I will change the things which I consider to be important for me now. Sometimes I'm trying to catch up with too many things. Perhaps it'd be better to make my preparation more certain and pay attention to more important things.

Another question Armenian GM was asked, "Can Azerbaijani team's participation at the World Team Championship which is scheduled to take place in Erevan 2014 help organizing your team's participation in Baku Olympiad?"

"That is of course a very important step which would be very pleasant for all of us," Aronian replied. "Now I can't predict what may happen in case of Azerbaijani team participating in the World Team Championship 2014. It's hard to speak for the entire team for me. As to me, and I've already said that before, I hope that we will manage to come to Baku as long as I want to visit the capital of Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, we should be objective, the events of the previous years show not everything goes smoothly in our relations."   


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