GM Sergey Karjakin Explained the Reason for His Unsuccessful Performance in Loo

Время публикации: 17.04.2013 18:46 | Последнее обновление: 17.04.2013 18:47

The website published Sergey Karjakin's interview in which Russian GM told about his performance at the Russian Team Chess Championship. Let us remind you he played for the team Malakhit on Board 1 and finished the competition with =5 -1.

"I don't like justifying myself, but it just really didn't work in Loo," Sergey said. "The fact is that the last classical game I played was in Wijk aan Zee on January 27th. After this I had several training sessions with my team, but in general I didn't have the needed practice before the tournament. First I actually didn't even plan to play in Loo. Training is still not an official game. I lost the very first game and decided not to force the things and have a calm competition and reach Zug in my best shape. Now I feel myself great, I hope I didn't bring the team down and helped it to win Silver. On the other hand, I can't get rid of the ambitions, because I always strive for the first prize."

The third stage of the FIDE Grand Prix starts in Zug tomorrow. Karjakin also said that his second in Switzerland will be GM Alexander Motylev.        


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