Grand Prix Zug: Gata Kamsky Sorted Through the Complications Better than Alexander Morozevich

Время публикации: 25.04.2013 23:40 | Последнее обновление: 25.04.2013 23:40

GM Gata Kamsky was the only one to win in Round 7 of the Zug Grand Prix. He beat one of the leaders of the tournament Russian GM Alexander Morozevich. After the game was finished we asked Emil Sutovsky who is Kamsky's second at the competition to comment on the game:

"The position with the unusual strategic structure occurred quite quickly. After the long thinking Gata carried out an interesting plan of moving his bishop Bc1-d2-e1-g3. You can't see that in high level games often. 

Perhaps the position stayed within the dynamic equality, but Black's mistake 16...е6 brought it a lot of weakenesses.

White maintained the advantage throughout the game and despite several inaccuracies made by both players in a time trouble, the situation hasn't changed. Closer to the time trouble Morozevich decided to make the position sharper, but Gata sorted that out brilliantly.



The game was decided by the precise 29.d6!" [Actually 29.Nxb6 was also winning - CN].

[Event "Renova FIDE GP Zug"] [Site "Zug SUI"] [Date "2013.04.25"] [Round "7.4"] [White "Kamsky, Gata"] [Black "Morozevich, Alexander"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteTitle "GM"] [BlackTitle "GM"] [WhiteElo "2741"] [BlackElo "2758"] [ECO "A42"] [Opening "Pterodactyl defence"] [WhiteFideId "2000024"] [BlackFideId "4116992"] [EventDate "2013.04.18"] 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 g6 3. c4 Bg7 4. d4 Qa5+ 5. Nc3 d6 6. h3 Nc6 7. d5 Nd4 8. Bd2 Qb6 9. Rb1 Nf6 10. Bd3 O-O 11. O-O Nd7 12. Nxd4 cxd4 13. Na4 Qc7 14. f4 a5 15. Be1 b6 16. Bg3 e6 17. f5 exf5 18. exf5 Re8 19. b3 Nf6 20. Bf2 Nh5 21. Qd2 Be5 22. Rbe1 Qd8 23. fxg6 hxg6 24. Re4 Bd7 25. Bh4 Qc7 26. g4 f5 27. Rxe5 dxe5 28. Qh6 e4 29. d6 Qb7 30. Nxb6 Re6 31. gxh5 g5 32. Qxg5+ Kh8 33. Qxf5 Rg8+ 34. Kh2 exd3 35. Bf6+ Rxf6 36. Qxf6+ Kh7 37. Nd5 Bxh3 38. Kxh3 Qd7+ 39. Kh2 d2 40. Qe7+ 1-0

Now Zug Grand Prix has only two leaders - Topalov and Ponomariov who drew each other today. Morozevich joined the group of their nearest rivals.
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