French Chess Federation Launches a New Educational Platform for Local Club Players

Время публикации: 30.04.2013 15:50 | Последнее обновление: 30.04.2013 15:53

The new president of the French Chess Federation Diego Salazar, elected over Leo Battesti in April 2013, has stressed the importance of helping clubs and club players progress on several occasions.

With the same goal, the French Federation, in cooperation with Europe Echecs, has announced a new website, where French players can not only follow the news regarding chess in France, but also practice by playing against each other and watch educational video lessons online. At their first registration, players have the possibility to test the new project for the duration of four months for free, whereas afterwards, they have several choices of paid subscriptions.

"We must take advantage of modern technology and use it to develop ourselves", announced FFE. Salazar and his team expressed their hopes that the new platform should not only be used as a valuable tool for chess improvement, but also ameliorate communication and activities between the French clubs.


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