Pavel Eljanov: "Would I Play In Chennai If I Were Magnus? Certainly!"

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P.ELJANOV: Well, you know I’m not really familiar with the peculiarities like how the venue for such matches is chosen or what the agreement with the Indian city looked like. I actually tweeted recently noting how great it is that Paris offered a bid… A new kind of life could start. The previous match took place in Moscow, the next could have been held in Paris, the Candidates took place in London… It’s great that such tournaments started to be held in such cities. I would of course choose Paris if anyone asked me. However, that’s not me who makes those kinds of decisions. If you ask me if I would agree to play in Chennai if I was Magnus, I will definitely say I would agree. That’s because this is the World Championship match and we all are looking for it impatiently. So, I wouldn’t want anything to get foiled.

E.SUROV: And what about the unequal conditions?

P.ELJANOV: Why are they unequal? I think those unequal conditions can be smoothed away. I know that even the food may be quite different there, but I guess it’s possible to bring your own cooks there. These kinds of questions can be decided, because the organizers may cover those costs. The climate however is really different, quite unusual for Magnus, so… I don’t really know.

E.SUROV: Pavel here’s another question which should be more familiar to you: your compatriot Anna Ushenina who is the reigning champion agreed to play the match against Hou Yifan in China. Do you support her decision? How do you actually feel about it?

P.ELJANOV: The question is if there’s any choice at all. Were there any other bids? It’d be stupid for her to refuse playing there. Why not playing in China? I think the match in China will be organized at top level.

E.SUROV: Thank you very much Pavel. We wish you success in this tournament.

P.ELJANOV: Thank you.


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