GM Francisco Vallejo Pons: "I Am the Kind of a Guy Who Just Likes a Little Bit of Everything"

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M.BOYARD: This is Chess-News, and today our guest is GM Vallejo Francisco from Spain. Unfortunately, you are not very happy with your game today, which ended in a draw?

F.VALLEJO: Yes, I made a draw and well, I've had a very pleasant position from the very beginning - with two bishops.. At some point I had different options to choose from. I picked one, that I thought would lead into a better position for me, but I forgot one obvious move, after which the position is still slightly better for me, but it was surely not enough to win the game. So yeah, I'm a little bit disappointed, but okay, it does not matter so much.

M.BOYARD: But it's still not over for you, since there are two more rounds left, no?

F.VALLEJO: Well, it's not over for me, like for all the rest of the players. There are still two rounds to play and I mean, whatever happened today, there are still two more games. Actually, I'm qualified for the World Cup already, so I'm just playing for fun. As I'm not a professional anymore, let's say, I'm simply enjoying, trying to play some good games... and sometimes I play better, and sometimes I play not that great...

M.BOYARD: Last year your main goal at the EICC was to qualify and, as you said, this year is all about playing it for pleasure. How do you prefer to play?

F.VALLEJO: It's easier to play when you're relaxed, I guess. But, I don't know, I played a good tournament last year and made a good result actually, so I'm happy with it. As for this year, well... Lately, I've been trying to simply enjoy the games. Probably, at some point I just realized that I will never become a World Champion, it's very unlikely, and after this life got easier and I can finally enjoy it fully. I don't know, at some point I maybe took it all too serious and... I think I can play now on pretty much the same level without taking it so serious. And probably my life will now last a little bit longer (laughs). It was a good decision. Now I just play, enjoy, and do a lot of other stuff apart from chess. Lately, I haven't been playing very much - I did not have any tournament since October, just a few games at team competitions, but no tournaments with 11 games like here. I feel a little tired actually, but then came the rest day, and we've had a good time.

M.BOYARD: We know that you like to play football, you told me once you're great at it...

F.VALLEJO: Well no, not that great, but I'm not bad for a chessplayer.

M.BOYARD: How do you like to spend your free time, apart from playing football and chess?

F.VALLEJO: I do a little bit of everything: I like reading, watching series and movies, going out, making sports, walking around... I mean, whatever actually... I'm the kind of a guy who just likes a little bit of everything, and it's good that way. You know, it's like with the food. I mean, I can eat whatever it is as long as the food is good...

M.BOYARD: A question for me- what series do you like to watch?

F.VALLEJO: Well, I've seen a few lately... My favorite ones are Dexter, for example, or Breaking Bad, or 24 with Jack Bauer, a typical American series. It's fun! But the problem is that I cannot watch series per episodes, I'm not patient enough to wait for a new one to come week after week. So I need the series to be over, so I can watch is at once.

M.BOYARD: Thank you and good luck for the rest of the tournament and enjoy your free time!

F.VALLEJO: Thank you!


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