Evgeny Bareev: "If the Match Was Taking Place In Some European Country I Would Put My Money on Carlsen, but I Won't Do That In India"

Время публикации: 21.07.2013 00:05 | Последнее обновление: 21.07.2013 00:05

GM and Deputy Chairman of Russian Chess Federation Evgeny Bareev shared his thoughts on the upcoming World Championship Match between Anand and Carlsen during the conference organized on the website of the Russian newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets:

"I think Carlsen has more chances than Anand, that's for sure, but I also think that it was a wrong decision to agree to play in India for Carlsen. Unnecessary risks connected to climate, food, water and other factors have emerged. If the match was taking place in some European country then I would put my money on Carlsen, but in India I am not going to do that as there are no guarantees that all is going to be perfect in there. Anything, not even connected to chess, can happen at any moment.

Paris had to be nominated as a venue candidate in early April and the standard bidding procedure had to be done. Kirsan Nikolaevich wouldn't be able to dismiss such a proposition. Paris was certainly an attractive candidature as in terms of the prize fund so in regard to media interest."


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