Ali Nihat Yazici: "EIWCC Shouldn't Be Inscribed As the Leg of World Women Championship"

Время публикации: 25.07.2013 18:23 | Последнее обновление: 26.07.2013 15:37

Ali Nihat Yazici, the former President of the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF), reacted on ECU President, Silvio Danailov's decision to allow IM Ekaterina Atalik to play under ECU flag. Yazici wrote an open letter which has been published by Chessvibes:  

"On the last Friday (18 July 2013) I have got the attached letter in my mail box. I was shocked when I read that. According to letter, Mr. Silvio Danailov made a personal decision for a Turkish player to accept her request to play under ECU flag in European Women Individual Championship starts today in Belgrade.

Our ‘incompetent, deficient, know-all’ president of ECU has made a decision himself, bypassing ECU Board, FIDE rules, ECU rules etc.

I will not go into the details of that invalid decision made by Mr.Danailov. His decision is not competent with his power. I do not know if he has a personal agenda behind that decision bypassing the ECU board. Turkish Chess Federation has never ever refused to give permission to a player to play abroad neither during my mandate nor during the new management. While that is reality, It is not possible to accept such as illegal decision.

Who is Mr.Danailov to go so far? He made such as illegal decisions for different European Championships before. FIDE has warned him a few times. Mr.Danailov is trying to get revenge from Turkey and from Turkish Chess due to his political anger to me!

I declare that if Mrs.Atalik plays in European Individual Women Chess Championship under ECU flag (while TCF did not refuse her participation to event under Turkish flag) this event should not be inscribed as the leg of World Women Championship by FIDE. Hereby I declare that the consequences of this illegal decision of ECU President will be his responsibility.

Best regards, (22 July 2013)
Ali Nihat YAZICI"

IM Ekaterina Atalik's husband GM Suat Atalik, who is now in Belgrade, will give a commentary regarding the situation to our website today.


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