FIDE World Cup: Aronian - Markov, Mamedyarov - Shoker, Svidler - Ushenina and Other Games of Round 1. LIVE

Время публикации: 11.08.2013 18:19 | Последнее обновление: 11.08.2013 19:50

The 1st round games of the World Cup started at 15.00 CET in Tromso, Norway. Let us remind you that the participants will play two classical games each round. If the score will be even the winner will be decided by rapid and blitz tiebreaks. Today 127 players started their fight for the Cup. Alexander Moiseenko's opponent Egyptian Ahmed Adly couldn't participate due to military service he has to complete. Thus, Ukrainian qualified to the next round without playing. 

Most of Round 1 pairings have obvious favourites. Levon Aronian's rival is Mikhail Markov who was suspected by one of the GMs in cheating. Mamedyarov has old scores with Shoker of Egypt. Two years ago Azerbaijani lost against Shoker at the European Team Championship, the Azerbaijani team managed to win though.

You can follow the games live. 


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