Eduard Dubov: "The Chief Arbiter Made Two Big Mistakes in Wang Hao - Dreev Ecnounter"

Время публикации: 16.08.2013 00:32 | Последнее обновление: 16.08.2013 00:32

The international arbiter Eduard Dubov commented on the situation in Wang Hao - Dreev encounter which took place yesterday at the World Cup (there's also a video available HERE).

"The chief arbiter made two big mistakes," Dubov said. "Your website, however, made a wrong suggestion of the mistakes.
1. When Wang Hao claimed draw incorrectly the arbiter was obliged to ask him to write down the move. He could proceed with all further actions only after getting the legal document - the form which he had to examine and check if there was a threefold repetition. Thus, the fact that he added 3 minutes to Dreev is already pointless as it was done after the main mistake.
2. When Wang Hao wrote down the move and again claimed draw (let's remember it was done after the arbiter's mistake), the arbiter was obliged to check if there really was threefold repetition on another board (or by playing back the online transition of the game). Only after checking it personally he had the right to make a decision. Instead the arbiter has some negotiations with the players."

"Also take into consideration that in this particular case I didn't even ask if there really was the threefold repetition as the fact is that chief arbiter made a mistake from the very beginning," Dubov added. 


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