Emil Sutovsky Becomes Azerbaijan National Team Captain

Время публикации: 08.09.2013 12:14 | Последнее обновление: 08.09.2013 12:16

Alexander Khalifman will help him in his work

Azerbaijan chess federation vice-president Faik Gasanov told that Azerbaijan national team is going to participate under the supervision of Emil Sutovsky and Alexander Khalifman during the forthcoming European championship which will take place in Warsaw in November (7-18). However the collaboration is not going to be limited by a single tournament “We are intending to organize 6 training sessions next year so that each of the two coaches could meet trice with the team”, mentioned Gasanov, having not mentioned however the exact timetable. “This question is quite tuff as both of them are very busy”.

"It all started when we asked Emil Sutovsky to work with the guys before the city team world championship in Al-Aina and all our players were satisfied with the training results and the place they got. Our team was second at that tournament although it had enough chances to win the tournament in general. Afterwards we wanted to carry on with Sutovsky but he was busy recently working in ACP. Then Rauf Mamedov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov advised to invite Alexander Khalifman as they worked with him before. After we carried out all the necessary negotiations with the president of our Federation Elman Rustamov we decided to invite Khalifman to Baku for 10-days training that were attended by nearly all leading Azerbaijan players. All guys were again happy with what they had there and wished to have the same training in the future. By the way Mamedyarov took a personal training with Khalifman before he won the world rapid championship.

Further on I received a letter from Sutovsky. He said that Israel team was going to set up a junior team for the championship in Warsaw so he offered his services if we were interested enough to let him become the captain. We wanted to make the decision after having listened to what the players thought of it. The players said it would be great to have both of them with the team during the European championship, so the Federation president invited both of them for the team. Khalifman has recently visited Baku again and negotiated with Rustamov.

If Sutovsky is intending to play in Warsaw (according to Chess-News Israel is still sending its junior team) he is by all means uncapable to support the Azeri team and Khalifman will be coaching. If Sutovsky agrees to be the captain then both of them will be with the team. It is not important who is to become captain. The main thing is the work to prepare the players for the coming event. Both can help the guys, however it will be difficult for our team to win the European championship without such grandmaster as Vugar Gashimov."


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