Magnus Carlsen: "My Condolences to Vugar's Family and the Entire Chess Community of Azerbaijan"

Время публикации: 12.01.2014 22:33 | Последнее обновление: 12.01.2014 22:43

"I'm very sad to hear about the passing of Vugar Gashimov, one of the most talented & original players I've met. He was always friendly with everyone and always smiling. I have many good memories with him from tournaments, especially in the Amber tournaments. 

My condolences to his family and the entire chess community of Azerbaijan," Magnus Carlsen wrote on his Facebook page. 


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  • Two round-robin tournaments will be held in Shamkir, Azerbaijan in April this year. As the source told Chess-News, naming the participants except those who already confirmed their participation is premature. Magnus Carlsen is expected to play and there's a big probability that two leading Azerbaijani GMs (Teimour Radjabov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov) will also participate. The participants of the B-group is also not known yet. 

  • Carlsen posted a photo with Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page.

  • Thousands came to give last honor to Azerbaijani GM 

  • Garry Kasparov commented on the 3rd game of the world title match between Carlsen and Anand on his Twitter-page: 

    "My feeling is Magnus is trying to reach "his" positions, where he can play forever with little risk. Anand has blocked this plan very well.

  • One of the strongest GMs dies after a long illness 

  • One of the leaders of the Azerbaijan national team Vugar Gashimov may not play at the forthcoming Olympiad in August-September because of health problems. That was announced by the head coach of the team Vladimir Tukmakov in an interview to "Although, I, of course, depend on him" - added the specialist.

  • Chessdom published list of participants for B Tournament dedicated to GM Gashimov's memory. It will take place from April 19-30 in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. Five out of ten players will be from Azerbaijan: 
    Rauf  MAMEDOV
    Eltaj SAFARLI
    Gadir GUSEINOV
    Nijat ABASOV
    Etienne BACROT
    Radoslaw WOJTASZEK
    Wang HAO

  • A ceremony of farewell to Vugar Gashimov will take place tomorrow. Azerbaijan Chess Federation Vice-President, Mahir Mamedov noted inestimable contribution to the development of chess in Azerbaijan.

    "Vugar Gashimov deserves to be immortalized," Azerbaijan Chess Federation Vice-President, Mahir Mamedov told

  • informs that Vugar Gashimov will not be able to take part in the Olympiad because of his poor health. Azerbaijan will be represented by Teimour Radjabov, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Eltaj Safarli, Rauf Mamedov and Gadir Guseinov.

    "We all feel very sorry but we do hope that this tournament will be the last one missed by Vugar and that he would return back into the team and big chess” – Head coach of the team Vladimir Tukmakov says.

  • Last year's Tata Steel Chess tournament began from shocking news about the death of Vugar Gashimov, one of the top players of Azerbaijan and the world. Back then, a moment of silence was observed before the first round.