Bronstein Memorial Started in Minsk. Baadur Jobava is Rating Favourite

Время публикации: 11.02.2014 17:05 | Последнее обновление: 11.02.2014 17:15

Minsk is hosting a strong Bronstein Memorial which gathered leading GMs. Here are some of them: 
Baadur Jobava 2706
Vladimir Akopian 2682
Gabriel Sargissian 2671
Boris Grachev 2669
Sergey Zhigalko 2661
Rauf Mamedov 2659
Aleksandr Shimanov 2658
Ivan Popov 2653
Evgeny Romanov 2653
Ildar Khairullin 2651.

This is a 9-round Swiss competition with 90'+30'' time control. The opening ceremony was held today. There's also a Swiss tournament for amateur players. The games started at 13:30 CET.
Information on the tournament

The competition is organised in David Bronstein's memory, who lived in Minsk the last year's of his life. He would turn 90 on February 19. 


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