Vladimir Kramnik: "I Have Not a Single Account on Any Social Media Platform. That Is a Matter of Principle"

Время публикации: 12.03.2014 20:22 | Последнее обновление: 12.03.2014 22:23

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Е.SUROV: Vladimir Kramnik arrived to Khanty-Mansiysk along with other GMs. Social media is quite popular among chess players and a lot of them have Twitter, Facebook accounts, due to that we know how they spent the preparation time, where they were (some here, some there), who arrived when. Yet we don't know anything about you. Well, you can keep big secrets but could you at least let us know when did you arrive, where did you have trainings?

V.KRAMNIK: If I wanted to make it public I would register an account on Twitter, but I don't have such a need - to tell and explain everything, like where I am, what do I do or whom I am working with. I arrived several days ago, Zakhar Efimenko is accompanying me- he has been my second for a long time already - here's also the masseur who was with me in London. That's it. I haven’t played after London, i.e. for almost three months, I had a rest from chess, then I spent time on preparation. Well, just as usually. 

Е.SUROV: Did you plan to have such a long pause before the tournament or it just happened to be so? 

V.KRAMNIK: No, of course I planned it. I had a very tense year, I even thought it was the tensest year in my entire chess career. I played more games than in any other year, like around 100 games per year. Taking into account my pension age it was really a lot for me. So it was a well-thought out idea to have some rest. That's why I denied invitation to Zurich, although I would love to play there. I just needed to take a short pause. I mean in order to have a valuable preparation, first you should have a full-fledged rest from chess. I tried to do so in December and early January, then I started preparation. So, I didn't really have time for playing somewhere. This is how it was.  

Е.SUROV: Do you live in the official host hotel here? I just know not everyone decided to live there. 

V.KRAMNIK: I guess two participants are living in some other hotel, but I am living in the official host hotel. 

Е.SUROV: It's not your first time in Khanty-Mansiysk, is it? You happened to play World Cup here, right? 

V.KRAMNIK: No, I have played Olympiad here. In general, I like here - it's a neat, tidy, clean city. Yet I have only positive amounts. Before I started playing. 

Е.SUROV: Then the last question. Going back to social media. There's an account under your name in Facebook. Is it yours? 

V.KRAMNIK: No, I have not a single account on any social media platform. That is a matter of principle. While I can avoid it, I will. All those social media platforms, some websites - all are just fakes, that's not me. 

Е.SUROV: Thank you.



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