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ECU presidential candidate Azmaiparashvili presented program and ticket 

Never before have the social media platforms been used so actively in the election campaign in chess world. As we know Silvio Danailov's competitor in ECU presidential elections will be Zurab Azmaiparashvili. Georgian grandmaster and politician presented his program and ticket, for that he created a Facebook fan-page. It's used by the team for announcing useful information, news, photos and slogans.

The motto of the team is "European Chess Union: A Union of the Many", which opposes the slogan created by them for the rulling leadership: "A Company for the Few". Overall, there's a plenty of criticism towards the current heads of ECU:

"Our complaints are (a) lack of fairness, ethical behaviour and transparency, (b) lack of energy, innovation and enterprise, (c) lack of leadership, vision and imagination. Danailov’s team didn’t deliver on its basic campaign promises of four years ago: they generated no sponsorship revenue and they created no new marketable products. Even their one success (the EU recognition for chess in schools) had no tangible follow-through. They did the bare minimum!"

The program also states ineffectiveness of the current ECU and states it fails to be a connecting link with ECU and FIDE members. 

"We will re-establish a working relationship with FIDE. You will be heard!"

Who are "we"?

Azmaiparashvili presented his ticket:

From left to right (after the head of the team): Ion Dobronateanu (Romania), Vasily Filipenko (Russia), Martin Huba (Slovakia), Willy Iclicki (Belgium), Andrew Paulson (England), Jean Michel Rapaire (Monaco), Ivan Sokolov (The Netherlands), Fiona Steil-Antoni (Luxemburg), Finnbjørn Vang (Faroe Islands).

In addition to the Mayor of Khanty-Mansiysk is written: Vassily Filipenko a real sponsor for the Top chess events. Our Team guarantees the financial development of the European Chess Union and the best conditions for the top players.

And even more fromt he mentioned Facebook page: "At Tromsø we will unveil our first General Sponsorship contract for €400,000. Danailov delivers nothing & costing 240K to ECU!"

* * *

In case of victory: 

"In the first two years we will launch the following initiatives:

Establish a European Grand Prix format from a set of major events, supporting them with a common marketing strategy and additional prize fund.

Encourage Zonal Championships to build bridges between neighbouring countries, especially for Junior Team events.

Establish ECU Internet Championships (Open, Women, Team and School) in Blitz and Rapid formats.

Build cooperation with other continental associations and promote a new competition: the Inter-continental Cup for men and women/

Sponsor regular cross-border multi-lateral informational and educational symposia on ‘best practices’ for federations in areas such as governance, marketing and communication for chess leaders.

Provide shared bilateral professional resources for its members in the areas of organisation, PR, government relations, and sponsorship sales.

Support joint events for training and development of arbiters, coaches, commentators, journalists and players.

...The President of the Association of Chess Professionals will be an invited (non-voting) member of the Board of the ECU.  80% of the ACP Members come from ECU federations.  This will allow the ACP to better serve its members and the ECU to better serve its top players."

The very days there has been created a fan-page in support of the current ECU president Silvio Danailov: "Danailov for President".

You can find our report on Danailov's program and ticket here.


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