"Reason Is Twofold." Carlsen's Manager Not Surprised FIDE Received No Bid for WC Match

Время публикации: 07.05.2014 19:02 | Последнее обновление: 07.05.2014 19:54

In the recent interview on Chess-News Magnus Carlsen preferred not to comment on the news that FIDE didn't get a single bid for holding the World Title match. 

His manager's, Espen Agdestein's commentary on the situation has been published by Chessvibes. Magnus's manager isn't surprised yet no one wants to hold the match:  

"In my opinion the reason is twofold. The first is time frame that FIDE operates with, which has has been extremely short, so it has been very difficult for potential organizers to organize a bid. Second, we know from the last match that the global interest is huge, but the commercial concept of a WC match has not been systematically developed. I think FIDE needs a new approach to selling the match. You need to look to other sports and how they commercialize big global events. The chess match is defined, but the package around and how to present it is not." 


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