Let It Go

Время публикации: 10.05.2014 00:26 | Последнее обновление: 30.11.2021 18:06

The author was planning to write right after Anand - Carlsen match finished in Chennai. But I never got to the thing. Then I thought that Candidates' would be a new reason to get back to the topic, but its outcome again made me to put away the subject.

Now when not a single country bid for holding the World Championship match, let's consider that the time to write about this issue has come.

I would like to express the thought which didn't come across only my mind. Those who know me would confirm that I always supported healthy conservative views and that I've always been quite suspicious about wild reformatory approach. 

However, today I have to admit that those who several years ago understood that the World Title match should be cancelled were right. 

There was a variety of suggestions to make those matches more attractive for the spectators: rapid games before, after and instead, this or that kind of score count... This seems similar to looking for the all to cure pill against cancer, although the only effective way to fight against it is cutting it out.

What is not proposed nowadays just to sell this "product".

The product which is spoilt, The product that has expired. 

As we know we stopped counting world champions after the 13th. Then came the "uncertain period", "dual power" was established and later "any" could become the world champion... Apparently after Kramnik becoming 14th champion in the public eye, by beating Kasparov in the match (!) to which he didn't qualify (?), the history hinted: it's time to leave behind the outdated traditions. 

The history wasn't heard. It took some time to find the ways to retreat and return to the "usual" scheme. While in those searches, they've missed an obvious fact: time has passed - finally and irretrievably.

Now life moves at a scurry pace and it'll be changing even faster. The current system of the world championship became obsolete.

* * *

What should we do?

We can leave the title of Chess God with a formal "world champion" title or name him with random frequency based on the series of competitions. This might be a doubtful plan as the participants for the round-robin tournaments are usually chosen in accordance to the personal preferences of the sponsors and also to the financial means of such. And that is not connected to the idea of sports qualifications.

That's why the following decision seems to be the most logical: to say good-bye to the title of the "world champion", let it go and continue playing chess. We may determine "the best player of the year" by counting the average rating for 12-months period or consider the best, the player who has the highest ELO at a random period of time - those are details.

Only Carlsen and Anand are interested in the venue for the world title match, and also a bunch of people who wait for money distribution after it.

Let's eventually think of the issues that are interesting for all of us, contemporary fans of chess.


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