Example of Dedication to Chess

Время публикации: 22.05.2014 23:23 | Последнее обновление: 26.05.2014 13:59

Famous Czech publisher Bretislav Modr has passed away 

A sad news came from Prague: FM Bretislav Modr (15.04.1946 - 7.05.2014) passed away after a severe illness, only shortly after his 68th birthday. He was the founder and editor of the magazine SACHinfo, a book publisher and author, and for a short period also a member of our association.

Dmitry Plisetsky, the 13th world champion's co-author recalls Modr:

"Since many years of cooperation with Kasparov I got used to the fact that all wanted to interview Garry. To my surprise, in 2007 the unknown for me back then Czech editor offered interviewing me and how I work with Kasparov. He invited me and my family to Prague where we met Bretislav.

A huge interview on six pages was published soon after in the magazine, which was surprising. That's how we became friends. We kept in touch and then we used to meet each other frequently.

Once he confessed to me that he didn't speak to Russians during 1968-1991 (a typical reaction of a lot of Czech back then). But he changed his attitude with the coming of the new epoch. He was always very friendly and benign to me. 

Bretislav Modr is an example of the dedication to chess. He was one of those who create the basis of our game, who create its culture. Czech players - and he was on friendly terms with all of them - will remember him as a highly educated, witty and cheerful person for years to come..."

Genna Sosonko:

"I remember the day when we met with Bretislav Mord vividly. Although it was only some twenty years ago at the competition in Polanica-Zdroj in 1993, it seemed as if we knew each other for ages. Bretislav came to Poland from Prague, we easily got along and quickly left behind formalities.

Modr visited Wijk aan Zee every year and we either met in a small Dutch village or in Amsterdam which he loved a lot. We also met in Prague to which I paid regular visits, we met either at the cafes or at his house which wasn't visited by the foreigners and where they served "the duck you wouldn't be able to find in any tourist oriented restaurant."

Several years after we met, Bretislav asked me to write something for his magazine, I agreed and that's how our cooperation began. When we gathered up to a dozen essays he proposed to publish a book. That's how were published «Znal jsem Capablanku», «Nejen o Salo Flohrovi» and «Tal a další eseje». All of them were made thoroughly and with love much like everything created by Bretislav Modr.

I lost not just a colleague and publisher, but also a friend, while the chess Czech republic lost the devoted knight of our game."



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