113 Participants to Compete in Dubai. Drawing

Время публикации: 16.06.2014 16:27 | Последнее обновление: 16.06.2014 21:38

The World Rapid Championship has started in Dubai. There are overall 113 participants. You can check the result of Round 1 here. In the first round Carlsen beat Georgiev, Caruana was stronger than Sokolov I, Nakamura lost against Iturrizaga, Aronian was defeated by Ganguly. Overall five rounds will be played today.


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  • The world rapid and blitz champions will take place from June 15-21 in Dubai. Both competitions will be heldin Swiss format: rapid (time control 15+10) - 15 rounds in two days, blitz (3+2) - 21 rounds in three days. The list of participants is available on the official website, for instance Evgeny Najer is only 50th according to his rating. First is Magnus Carlsen, he is followed by Levon Aronian, Alexander Grischuk and Vishy Anand.

  • The first five rounds of the Russian rapid championship have been played in St. Petersburg. Ernesto Inarkiev is leading with 4.5/5. Igor Lysyj, Ildar Khairullin and Sanan Sjugirov follow him with 4 points each, other six participants have 3.5 points. The nine-round tournament will continue tomorrow. 
    Pairings for Round 6

  • Today at 14.45 Moscow time, at the hotel "Saint Petersburg", was scheduled the opening of the Russian Men and Women Rapid Championships. The first round started at 15.00. Both competitions will be held simultaneously according to the Swiss system of nine rounds, five of which will be played today, the other four - tomorrow. Time control is 15 +10. Tournament prize fund for men is 320 000 rubles, for women - 180 000.

  • The chess program of the World Mind Sports Games 2012 has started today. 16 men and women started fight in the competition which is divided into three parts: today started the 7-round rapid tournament in Swiss format (4 rounds will be played today, 3 rounds tomorrow). It will be followed by round-robin blitz competition which will start on Sunday and will also continue for two days.

  • Ten rounds of the World Rapid Championship are left behind.

    As we've reported Fabiano Caruana maintained solo lead after eight rounds. Ninth round drawing paired him with one of his nearest rivals Alexander Grischuk. Italiian and Russian drew, hence only Magnus Carlsen managed to catch him as he slowly tortured and outplayed Sergey Movsesian in the endgame. 


  • The Italian Team Championship will be played from today until 1 May in Arvier. Fourteen clubs will decide who is the strongest during a seven round Swiss. The two main favourites stand out among the rest: the current champion of the country Scavolini Datagest (Pesaro) consists of Emil Sutovsky, Sabino Brunello and Mihail Marin; and Obiettivo Risarcimento (Padova) consists of Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura and Kiril Georgiev.

  • Sergey Karjakin won't be the next World Rapid Chess Champion

  • Russian GM Dmitry Andreikin will play in several super tournaments this year. Now he is playing in Capablanca Memorial, yesterday we got to know he is among the participants of the Tal Memorial. From July 24th-August 4th Andreikin will play in the Dortmund tournament which will have ten participants (including him):  
    Vladimir Kramnik
    Fabiano Caruana
    Peter Leko
    Wang Hao
    Michael Adams
    Dmitry Andreikin

  • As we've already reported the world rapid and blitz championships will be held from June 15-21 in Dubai. Several leading GMs will participate. Among those is Magnus Carlsen.

  • The drawing for London Chess Classic, which is a rapid competition this year, has been done. 16 participants are divide into 4 groups, two from each will qualify in a round-robin, then eight players will continue fight in knock-out. Time control is 25+10.

    The drawing: