Olympiad: Lagno Will Play Against Ukraine Today

Время публикации: 12.08.2014 12:26 | Последнее обновление: 12.08.2014 12:51

The key match of the penultimate round brought together Russia and Ukraine. Pairings by boards:
Muzychuk A - Lagno
Gunina - Muzychuk 
Ushenina - Kosteniuk
Girya - Zhukova

At the moment Ukraine is on a clear third, Russia is first being two points ahead of China. 

In the Open section France and China will compete:
Cachier-Lagrave - Wang Yue
Ding Liren - Bacrot
Fressinet - Yu Yangyi
Ni Hua - Edouard

The round starts at 13:00 CET


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