For ACP's Attention

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Dear All,

I would like to draw ACP’s attention to the following facts:

1. Violations of FIDE rules during the Women’s Grand Prix 2013-2014. The 6.4 paragraph has been constantly violated during the aforementioned competition.

"6.4. If a player withdraws from the GP for any reason whatsoever, less than two weeks prior to the commencement of the GP series or even during the series, then FIDE reserves the right to select one or more players, as may be required, to compete 'hors concours' in the withdrawn player's GP tournament schedule. The replacement players selected will be from the top 40 players and will only compete for the prize money within the specific tournament. They will not earn ranking points and their results will be used for any potential tie-break as specified under Article 7.2.2. The players selected will be varied from tournament to tournament and no replacement player will participate in more than one event".

2. According to the FIDE calendar, only a bit more than a month is left till the start of the Women’s world championship (October 11, 2014 is announced as the the starting date of the championship). However, the venue of the event is still unknown, moreover there are no guarantees that the dates of the competition won’t be changed. Thus, I as a participant have problems while settling my own tournament calendar – I am forced to decline other offers for this yet ephemeral competition.

Unfortunately, the Regulations of the championship do not state the minimum number of days FIDE has for sending the participants the contracts. What they carefully expound though are the conditions FIDE officials should be living in, as well as with which class they should fly to the venue of the tournament (paragraph 3.21.3).

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