If Carlsen Refuses to Play, I'll Start Preparations for the WC Match - Karjakin

Время публикации: 26.08.2014 22:23 | Последнее обновление: 26.08.2014 22:23

Karjakin gave a short commentary on the upcoming World title match. After Carlsen decided not to rush on the match decision (Magnus hasn't yet signed the contract, he plans to do it only after the Sinquefield cup he's participating in will finish) there's a theoretical possibility that he will be replaced. If so Sergey would be the one taking his place as he finished second at the Candidates. Let us remind you, Carlsen asked FIDE to postpone the match, his request was declined by the FIDE president. 

"Honestly I don't believe in such scenario. I just can't imagine that Magnus can refuse playing the match only because it will be held in Russia," RBK-Sport quotes Karjakin. "Carlsen has participated in many competition in our country, but if something like that happenes, I will certainly start preparations for the match against Anand." 


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