Chess History Exhibited Near Kremlin

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The Chess Museum has opened its doors in Moscow (PHOTOS)

The Chess Museum has opened its doors in Moscow on September 25, 2014. The museum found its place within the walls of the famous Central House of Chess (formerly known as the Central Chess Club) on Gogolevsky Boulevard, a few hundred metres from Kremlin. The building itself is an old mansion of historical value which has been restored and decorated in the recent years.

Many chess as well as non-chess journalists attended the opening.

Actually the museum has been functioning since 1980 but the exhibition was held in another chamber of a smaller size. Moreover, the display was closed during the last few years. Now, the Chess Museum has re-opened in the larger premises and also became much more comfortable to visit. Besides, the display has grown a lot due to contributions by many chess players and enthusiasts: even 3 rooms aren't enough now to hold all the exhibits so that the substantial part is kept in the depository premises not open for visitors.

This is the chess table used in the legendary 1984/85 match between Karpov and Kasparov. So are the chess set, clock and flags.

Many unique photos from the same event.

Various chess sets are exhibited, including the one used by detainees in GULAG (on the top right).

The chess set used by cosmonauts in the outer space.

The crosstable of the Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg) chess championship during its Siege in the World War II.

The display also contains many unique chess books, paintings, scoresheets, letters by famous players, etc.

The Moscow Chess Museum could not exist without the help of Yuri Averbakh, the oldest living Grand Master in the world (92 years) and also one of the most famous chess historians. Yuri Averbakh has been devoting much of his time to the museum since its first opening in 1980.

In the evening, there was the official opening ceremony mastered by a well-known journalist Vladimir Pozner.

The ceremony was attended by many high officials from the Russian government (as well as by the chess officials, of course). The top players such as Morozevich, Nepomniachtchi, Karjakin were also present. There was also the triumphant Russian women's team which has been especially honoured during the ceremony.

Pozner (in the center) addressing to Andrey Filatov, the president of the Russian Chess Federation (right).

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FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has promised that each FIDE member (181 countries total) will grant a chess set to the Museum soon.

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And the chess players would always think about their games. A friendly analysis by Sergey Karjakin and Ekaterina Lagno.

The newly opened Moscow Chess Museum is one of the very few chess museums in the world. The others are known to be located in Amsterdam and Lucerne.


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