Sochi: Seniors' Side Event Has Started. Not for Vishy Yet

Время публикации: 18.11.2014 17:11 | Последнее обновление: 07.04.2015 17:18

(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

I have to admit once again that the idea of organizing various side events has been excellent. In the Sochi Media Center, one could never be bored.

The children't tournament is over, now it's the older generation's turn. The seniors are competing in the 9-rounds Swiss.

Maybe in some 20 years we'll see Anand in a tournament like this, but for the time being the Pushkin hall where the match is being played suits Vishy much more.

In the 7th game, the 'veteran' has undergone the test of endurance by the World Champion. The test went fine.

Anand: 'I wasn't particularly annoyed by Magnus dragging out the draw. Not a little bit. Is it frustrating to be pressurized like that for hours? Not very much, if you get the draw. If would be much more frustrating in case you were defending for a long time and don't save it'.

Carlsen: 'in general, there was no harm in playing on. There's always a very slight chance of something happening. When he went to this ending by 28...Ne5, I thought he already signed for suffering. It's part of the game, we're used to playing long games and playing the day after... It's tough, but it's the way it is.'

Photos by Mikhail Sholudko


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