Carlsen Clarifies His 'Sleepiness' Once and For All

Время публикации: 02.12.2014 19:20 | Последнее обновление: 02.12.2014 19:23

Magnus Carlsen has posted a 14-minites video in his Youtube channel in which he describes the course of the World Championship match in Sochi, speaking about each game separately.

'I was lucky to have a free day before the 6th game. I got some help from some Russian friends, we prepared something much better against the Sicilian variation he had surprised me with in the 4th game.' Obviously, the World Champion is talking about Vladimir Potkin and Ian Nepomniachtchi who had been already mentioned by him right after the match.

The moment Carlsen explains the famous episode of the 8th game, where he kind of 'fallen asleep', has to be noted in particular (starting from 9:36 - CN):

'The 8th game was a difficult one. When I woke up that day I felt kind of sick, nauseated. It was not a good situation to be in. After the start of the game, I felt pretty horrible, that's why it appeared to some that I was sleeping at the board. Then, at some point, my medicines started to kick in a bit, and I felt much better...'


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