Pompous Seeing-Off

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

'It seems the tournament has started just yesterday, and now there is already the last round', the chief arbiter Pavel Votruba complained with the pity in his eyes. 'Yes, it's a pity', I had to agree. Votruba continued: 'But in general, this is the most difficult tournament in my calendar. Days like yesterday are very exhausting (he was obviously talking about the 7.5 hours Giri - So maraphon - E.S.), and there have been 5 such days'.

Before making the first move, the champion spent a lot of time coping with the lace of his left shoe.

Having faced with the King's Indian, Baadur went for an attack at once.

Peter Heine Nielsen on the Norwegian TV air. As Henrik Carlsen has pointed out, whenever Nielsen helped Magnus on the spot Magnus finished 1st.

An exciting game Khodarkovsky - Surov ended in White's favour in a pawn ending. How could I dare defeat someone with such surname?

As for this player, I haven't played him yet. And that's for the better, it seems.

Vladimir Tukmakov is hurrying to meet Anish Giri who has just drawn his game and caught up with Carlsen for a while.

This is Oleg Pervakov, a famous Russian chess composer. He came here to take part in the problems solving contest which traditionally takes place in Wijk aan Zee during two last days of the festival. Oleg told me that he's got 34 points, but I couldn't understand whether this result was good or bad.

Van Wely lost again, but Lorena doesn't look sad. 'In contrast to my first wife, she is lucky not to see me deadly upset if I happen to draw against Timman', Loek said once in an interview.

It's all about the name: Aronian lost his final game to Ding Liren, but it's he, not his opponent, who is being asked to sign books - and many ones, as you can see.

The 4-times Wijk aan Zee triumpher had an unlucky tournament. But maybe he will have the revenge soon, in Baden-Baden and then in Zurich.

One of the games which haven't finished yet. Sad ending for Valentina.

And this photo had been taken exactly one minite before Magnus agreed to a draw and became the tournament winner.

It's clear who got his first interview. Then, in a few minites, Carlsen held a press conference already for everyone.

*   *   *

There was a pompous seeing-off for the winner on his way from the venue to the hotel where the closing ceremony had to take place.


A special bus for the winner.

Only the Norwegian media team have been let in the bus.

Johan van Hulst, who is now 104 years old, is the most honoured guest of the festival. He appears at each closing ceremony here in Wijk aan Zee to awards the youngest participant. This time, however, he gave flowers to the Dutch female champion Anne Haast.

The winner of the B-tournament got congratulations from Mayor of Wijk aan Zee. Hou Yifan served as an interpreter from English to Chinese, and vice versa.

She also got her present and was called The Chess Queen.

As for the King, he was awarded by the Tata Steel chief.

Magnus was in cheerful mood, making jokes, like: 'If Wei Yi is allowed to speak Chinese then I will speak Norwegian'.

Some of the players have missed the closing ceremony. For example, one of them had hard time trying to get a good score in a video game. Over the board, however, he was luckier (in the final round).

For some others, 13 exhausting rounds weren't enough - they preferred chess to the disco which started nearby after the end of the official part.

And one more player...

Vassily Ivanchuk found another good company.


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