European Chess Union: Whose Friends Are Better? Danailov Attacks, Azmaiparashvili Responds

Время публикации: 13.03.2015 19:34 | Последнее обновление: 14.03.2015 01:23

Incumbent ECU President, Zurab Azmaiparashvili, and the former President, Silvio Danailov, have had a 'friendly' exchange of publications within the latest 30 days. On February 15th, an article has appeared on Silvio Danailov's election campaign website, titled 'ECU back to Europe? No, unfortunately ECU is back to Makro&friends'.

'Back to Europe' was the election slogan of Zurab Azmaiparashvili during his fight for ECU Presidency against Danailov in 2014. The article states that the European Chess Union hasn't come back to Europe with the new President, but rather has fallen into the hands of 'Makro&friends', as FIDE top management is called by the author.

Danailov accuses Azmaiparashvili of not fulfilling any promises made during his election campaign. Among the other issues, he points out that the ECU office is currently in Tbilisi instead of London, Monaco, or Istanbul, while nobody has even seen any pictures of this office, and that the ECU President approved for himself the salary of 45000 euro per year instead of refusing it as he had promised earlier. Besides, the new ECU General Secretary, Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, is called 'the most incompetent in the ECU history', and his salary of 20000 Euro per year 'the highest amount of expenses for General Secretary ever'.

'Having in mind that we left them a lot of money and completely organized calendar for 2015 they can live quietly this year. The troubles will start the next year, because you can’t organize all the ECU events in Georgia, it will be ridiculous. Anyway, the most important mission was accomplished – ECU almost doesn’t exist these days, lost completely its independency and is totally under the FIDE control', Danailov concludes.

* * *

Zurab Azmaiparashvili responded on 'I am ready to hear the criticism, but it is difficult to accept it coming from Silvio Danailov. I’m just laughing at the numbers he is randomly throwing left and right'.

The ECU President also announced the first installments (which Chess-News has already reported on) of the corporate sponsorship from the Bank of Georgia to the ECU, adding: 'We have a first plan of 200.000 euros of corporate sponsorship only. But I believe that the total addition in the ECU budget will be more than 400.000 euros'. The exact sum of the installments already made is not revealed though.

According to Azmaiparashvili, 144.000 euros from his own salary (stipend) for the ECU Presidency have been also allocated to the 4-years ECU budget. Besides, they are working to draw in other fundings, and an additional development amount of 10.000 euros has already reached the ECU Bank account, which was not even calculated for the 2015 budget.

Azmaiparashvili says that the exact calculations will be disclosed during the next ECU General Assembly, using the same expression 'friends' regarding the Danailov group: 'We have reduced them [the administration expenses] significantly comparing with Danailov and friends expenses. [...] In the next ECU General Assembly the delegates will see exact amounts recorded one by one. [...] Lets hope that Danailov and friends will come for the next GA. 40 delegates were waiting for them in Batumi to give explanations face to face, but they didn’t come. They disappeared. It will be very interesting when our bookkeeper gives all financial data in front of them. And the bookkeeper is from Switzerland and the same person for the past 8 years.'

'We are making transparent organization. Nobody can say that we hide something', concluded the ECU President, in turn.

* * *

The latest reaction from Danailov on March 10th was the publication of some 'suspicious' bank transfer supposedly made by the organizers of the World Youth Chess Championship 2013 in Budva to Azmaiparashvili's private account some days after the championship.

It goes in connection with the statement that Azmaiparashvili had called those organizers 'terrible persons and thieves'. Such words, however, are absent in the ECU President's interview on the author is referring to.

Meanwhile, the latest news are that yesterday European Chess Union has announced Chessbase, the major chess media and software company based in Germany, to become its official media partner. This somehow contradicts Danailov's statement that the European Chess Union 'hasn't come back to Europe'.

It can be concluded that, even though Azmaiparashvili's answers seem to be convincing enough, the questions posed by Danailov should find their definite answers no earlier than in the next ECU General Assembly. The terms and the place for the Assembly, however, remain unclear, since they can neither be found on the official ECU website nor they were specified by Azmaiparashvili in his interview. Chess-News will try to keep an eye on the situation.


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