Space Rocket For The Champion

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

It's a wonderful place, 500 metres above the sea level, called 'Gazprom Mountain Tourist Centre'. (Gazprom is the largest Russian company dealing with natural gas.)

A perfect place to come and relax.

Just to make it clear: the championship isn't taking place exactly in the city of Sochi. In fact, Sochi is a large area in the Krasnodar Krai of Russia, uniting several towns (including the very city of Sochi) and the resort areas around. The settlement, where the Gazprom Mountain Touristic Centre is located, is called Krasnaya Polyana. Although it belongs to the Sochi area, it's more than 40 km away from the Black sea and more than 70 km by car from the venue of the Carlsen - Anand match.

Playing in the World Championship is not exactly the same as having a careless rest. Sometimes, you might need an ordinary shop, but the nearest one is 20 minites away by walk. So, the main disadvantage of the resort is that it's too far away from urban areas.

The Grand Hotel Polyana consists of several buildings. This is the 'B' building where the players are staying (the American flag most visible among others is just a coincidence). 

The temperature is slightly above 0 degrees Celcius; the weather is now cloudy and misty, and it's likely to be raining today. But the air is fantastic, of course.

The cableway station is also here. It takes only 10 minites of ride to get to the snowy area with the Alpine skiing tracks. I suppose that some of the players might decide to stay here for some more days after being knocked out. 

The playing venue is the Galaktika (Russian word for 'galaxy') entertaining centre. It's 10 minites by calm walk from the hotel.

Three players decided to see beforehand what's inside.

The smiling receptionist will explain everything about the Galaktika centre.

The conference hall is on the left.

Will the new World Champion fly away in this rocket?

By the way, one of Putin's residences is very near.

Or maybe the former residence, should we say?


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