Pavel Ponkratov and Karina Ambartsumova Win Russian Rapid Championships. Favourites Lose Rating

Время публикации: 15.05.2015 08:46 | Последнее обновление: 16.05.2015 20:36

In St Petersburg, the tournaments for the Russian rapid championship have ended. Both men's and women's events had the same feature: the rating favourites failed to shine and some did very poorly. For example, the second rated Vladimir Malakhov (2700) finished in 30th place and lost 41.2 rating points. Top seed Ildar Khairullin withdrew after 5 rounds, for reasons that so far are unknown to us. Boris Grachev was rated 6th but finished 22nd (losing 23.6 rating points).

In first place after 11 rounds was Pavel Ponkratov. Also on 8 points were Farrukh Amonatov and Ernesto Inarkiev, who took silver and bronze respectively. 

Vanetina Gunina won't remember the event as a highlight of her career either. A win in the final round against Alexandra Kosteniuk pulled the rating favourite up to 7th place (losing 34 rating points). Success went to Karina Ambartsunova: with 9 points, she took clear first and gained 46.6 rating points. 

On Friday and Saturday, in the city on the Neva, the national blitz championships will take place. 


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