1995 Wijk aan Zee Winner Alexey Dreev Invited to Next "B" Tournament as a Veteran

Время публикации: 29.06.2015 13:32 | Последнее обновление: 29.06.2015 16:46

For at least the 2016 and 2017 events, the Wijk aan Zee "B" tournament will reserve one place for a veteran player. The Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) has reached agreement on this with the tournament director, Jeroen van den Berg, according to the ACP's Facebook page.   

Chess has its own "pension age" and in this case, a veteran will be anyone who is at least 45. At the next tournament in January 2016, this position is being offered to Alexey Dreev, the grandmaster who won the main event at the traditional Dutch tournament in 1995. 

The "A" and "B" groups will also respectively offer one place to the winners of the ACP tour, men's and women's events. This will be based on the position at 1 December 2015. This year, Radoslav Wojtaszek and Valentina Gunina took the ACP places at Wijk aan Zee. 


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