Women's World Championship Match Seemingly Set for Lviv

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The organising committee will be headed by Ukrainian President, Pyotr Poroschenko

Today in Lviv a meeting was held between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko. This was described in detail in a FIDE tweet:

"The President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko conveyed the Ukrainian bid to host the match Muzychuk - Hou Yifan. According to the application, it is assumed that the World Championship match will be held in March next year in Lviv. It is also assumed that the Organizing Committee of the match will be headed by the President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko.

All photos - twitter.com/Ilyumzhinov

The meeting was held in the palace of Count Potocki, an architectural monument of the 19th century, which is now an art gallery. President Poroshenko noted the high level of development of chess in the country, and especially in Lviv - one of the centers of the famous Ukrainian chess school. According to him, the match will further popularize chess.

The meeting also discussed other issues relating to the application of Lviv to host the match Muzychuk - Hou Yifan. The application is sealed with the signatures of Lviv's Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov and Chess Federation President Viktor Kapustin".

The meeting was attended by Mariya Muzychuk and her family, and also Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

The next world championship match, according to the "long-term calendar" of FIDE, should take place this year. But, obviously, the timing has shifted due to the fact that the knock-out world championship, where Maria Muzychuk won the title, was held six months later than planned. At this point in the calendar on the FIDE website, the match for the women's crown is not mentioned at all, but we do have the exact dates of the Candidates Tournament for men: from 9 to 28 March 2016. This means that if the application is granted in Lviv, the two biggest chess events will overlap one another.

And apparently, the application will be granted. In any case, Illyumzhinov has still not Tweeted any word about the other application to host the match, from China, and the head of FIDE has publicly declared his support for Lviv. Nothing was said about the proposed prize money for the match.

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Later Illyumzhinov visited Ivanchuk's chess school.

"In the chess school of Vasily Mikhailovich Ivanchuk"

"Lesson by Vasily Ivanchuk. Lviv. Ivanchuk Chess School"



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