Sergey Rublevsky: "What Reserves Do We Have? Here They Are"

Время публикации: 22.07.2015 18:02 | Последнее обновление: 22.07.2015 18:06

The head coach of women's national team of Russia, Sergei Rublevsky, shared his impressions of the match with China, in which his team lost 10-15.

According to Rublevsky, the match was excellently organised in Ningbo. "The organizers even bought us plane tickets in "comfort class", "- he said in an interview with the RCF. - In 2008, I myself played in the same match, and then the conditions were much more modest. Then the Chinese set out to win at any cost, but this time they constantly stressed that the match was friendly. For them, too, it was important to test their young recruits. They fulfilled almost all our requests: to organize a buffet for lunch, the round began after lunch, at the weekend they organized an interesting and not-too-tiring tour with a wonderful dinner at the end. We played in an excellent room with air conditioning, and during the game, the participants could eat typical European desserts. In 2008, it was not so, and the last round, for example, started at 8 in the morning. Why so early? Of course, we could not play normally and lost everything. But this time there was an extremely friendly atmosphere, and it was a pleasure to play".

"I wanted to take a look at the next reserves for the team. Our two top players did not play - Kosteniuk and Lagno and we invited Sasha Goryachkina (although she has already played for the national team) and Alina Kashlinskaya. The Chinese women obviously had the same problem: they were missing Hou Yifan and Ju Wenjun, and instead, included young players. I did not set the team any special sporting challenge, but of course, we would have liked simply to win. Recently, our team managed to play successfully against the Chinese woman, but this time the hosts were stronger. True at first we took the lead, but with each round it became more and more difficult to fight, and in the last two days deservedly lost by a big score. "

"Frankly speaking, in the women's team competitions our team has never faced five serious rivals in a row. Therefore, for our girls, it was a serious task! Who are our serious competitors at the Olympiad? China, Georgia, Ukraine, India, Poland, but these five matches are stretched across the whole distance. But here, every day we faced strong opponents, and the openings got repeated, as we had a lot of preparation to do".

To the question "What reserves do we have?" Rublevsky responded: "Here they are. Apart from those who played here, amongst the youngsters there is only Bodnaruk. There is nobody else visible."


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