Russian Championship Superfinal: Women. Gunina, Lagno, Kosteniuk...

Время публикации: 09.08.2015 12:30 | Последнее обновление: 14.08.2015 04:24
09.08.15 - 20.08.15
Chita, Russia
Participants About the tournament Round times
Valentina Gunina
Katerina Lagno
Alexandra Kosteniuk
Olga Girya
Aleksandra Goryachkina
Nataliya Pogonina
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya
Alina Kashlinskaya
Anastasia Bodnaruk
Marina Guseva
Anastasia Savina
Evgenia Ovod
Round robin, 11 rounds
Tie-break: 1.Score as Black 2.Berger 3.No. of wins 4.Head-to-head 
No draw offers allowed before move 40
09-14, 16-20 August
Free day - 15 August

Rounds start: 10.00 Moscow time
(last round - 08.00)
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If first place is shared by two players: two games at  15+10. If score 1-1 - «Armageddon»: (5 v 4)+ 3s/move starting at move 61.
If first place shared by 3 or more players: round robin 
15+10. If two tie - Armageddon; if more than two tie, round robin 5+2 until a clear winner or only two leaders, when Armageddon follows. The playoff will start 1 hour after the end of the last game.