IM Stanislav Bogdanovich to Compete for World Rapid and Blitz Titles Along with Elite GMs

Время публикации: 08.10.2015 22:44 | Последнее обновление: 08.10.2015 22:58

The list of participants for the World Rapid and Blitz Championships is up on the official website of the competitions. Berlin will host a number of elite GMs including reigning champion (in all three titles - classical, rapid and blitz) Magnus Carlsen. In Germany he will be defending two of those titles. The championships will be held from October 10-14. 

You can spot IM Stanislav Bogdanovich's name among the elite grandmasters. His classical rating is 2590, whilst in this line up we are probably presented with his average blitz rating from January to August. 


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