Nutcracker Match: Kings and Princes to Measure Swords Again

Время публикации: 11.11.2015 00:44 | Последнее обновление: 11.11.2015 07:37

The Russian Chess Federation and Oleg Skvortsov are organising Nutcracker, a match clash between generations, for the second time. According to the RCF website, the tournament is scheduled to take place at Dvorkovich Chess Lounge from December 19-26, 2015.

This year's Kings are Boris Gelfand, Peter Leko, Evgeny Najer, Alexander Morozevich. They will be challenged by Princes: Vladislav Artemiev, Ivan Bukavshin, Mikhail Antipov and Grigoriy Oparin.

As in 2014, Nutcracker will consist of two Scheveningen tournaments in a row, where each player of one team plays against each player of the other team. The first tournament is classical, then comes the rapid.

This year's novelty is a side event which is the match between boys (under 12-13) and girls (under 16-17). The formula of the youth match is the same as of the main event, whereas the participants will be announced later.


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