London, Round 6: Giri - Carlsen, Nakamura - Aronian, Vachier-Lagrave - Caruana, Grischuk - Anand, Topalov - Adams. LIVE

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There were always going to be

There were always going to be technical worries, and I think Grischuk went awry with 51. a4 rather than the somewhat clumsy-looking Rb7 (that serves its purpose though, allowing b6 a move sooner).
But Anand should just play 51... d3 in response. Not the situation to swing the king through, and Kd3 blocks the passed pawn. Eliminating the a-pawn turns out not to be the right idea, as d-pawn speed is Black's only chance. Rook endings are tough.

I also think Anand was wrong to give up the g5 pawn for White's d4 pawn, which was weak anyway.