London, Round 8: Vachier-Lagrave - Adams, Grischuk - Aronian, Giri - Nakamura, Topalov - Carlsen, Caruana - Anand. LIVE

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I don't know where the GCT is

I don't know where the GCT is getting its information for its "Not a bad life for these guy" tweet involving the monetary awards to date.

According to their rules, the points are allocated on tiebreaks, but the money is split equally. So for instance Giri should have 66250 (not 55000), while Carlsen should have 51250 (not 65000), due to the 2nd-5th money in St. Louis being 36250 for everyone (not 50000 for Carlsen and 25000 for Giri). For everyone else, the differences are not so significant. Probably only the people involved know how much anyone was actually paid (including possible appearance fees). Of course it's never easy for players to risk goodwill and stand up to organizers and ask them to follow the rules as written, but at their elite level they have nothing to fear in retribution, and just as professionals they should do it.